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Discover our complete range of machines for the processing of your fruits and vegetables.

Gilson gas or electric pasteurizer

pasteurization equipment gilson gas or electric

Our pasteurizers are of our own design.
The equipment is manufactured in our workshop based in Haute-Savoie and allows the pasteurization of all fruit and vegetable juices and coulis.

Our models are available according to the desired flow rate, from 200 to 4000 litres/hour.

We offer high-performance, reliable equipment that is easy to use and maintain.


The pasteurization module is integrated in a production workshop. This is adapted to the desired dimensions according to the space and the arrangement of all the materials.

The pasteurization modules can be adapted to all types of boiler rooms reaching a temperature of 100°C.

Integrated in the pasteurization module, a regulator allows the management of the pasteurization temperature.

Our models are available according to the desired flow rate, from 50 to 4000 liters/hour.

equipment pasteurization module

Spray chamber / Thermoliser

The thermoliser is a principle of pasteurization by spraying bottles containing juices or sparkling products. This system is an alternative to continuous pasteurization.

  • The bottles are sprayed with hot water from 50 to 90°, depending on the product
  • Capacity of 200 to 300 bottles in a single room
  • Stand-alone machine or to be connected to an existing heating installation
  • Gas or electric boiler
  • Available in double chamber

Pasteurization with electrode apparatus (Ditzler type)

For small productions, Ditzler pasteurization offers an affordable alternative to continuous pasteurization.

Very simple to use, the electrode pasteurizer is composed of a canister and an immersion heater. Pasteurization is carried out in batches of 25 liters every 20 minutes.