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Chamber pasteurizer / Thermolizer

Do you have a processing workshop project or want to renew your pasteurization equipment? Trust Gilson, a true specialist in processed fruit pasteurization equipment.

The thermolization is a principle of pasteurization by warming up bottles containing juices or sparkling products. This system is an alternative to continuous pasteurization.
The bottles are sprayed with hot water at 50 to 90°, depending on the treated product .
Capacity of 200 to 300 bottles in a single chamber.

All our machines are manufactured in Haute-Savoie
20 years warranty
Our parts are available
Our technicians can be reached 5 days a week
Overhaul and repair workshop open 5 days a week


  • 240 V or 380 V electrical equipment
  • Stand-alone machine or to be connected to an existing heating installation
  • Gas or electric boiler
  • Available in double chamber
  • Probes with temperature display
  • Precision electronic regulation
  • Temperature recorder (optional)
  • Equipment mounted on stainless steel frame
  • Great ease of maintenance



New in 2021

Here is our new pasteurizer: The ERGOPAST! Its design increases heat conversion performance and significantly reduces energy consumption. Ergopast reduces energy requirements by 30%.