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The history of the Gilson family

A family of inventors,
an entrepreneurial destiny

GILSON is above all the adventure of courageous and hard-working men who, in spite of the many difficulties encountered, have always been able to keep the course.



Foundation of the Gilson company by Pierre Gilson, a professional in boiler making and metalwork.


Paul Gilson, after 20 years working with his father, takes over the family business, creates the acetator and develops the brand internationally.




Philippe Robert, engineer and entrepreneur, takes over the company. It intends to continue to develop innovative technical solutions for customers and to pursue the expansion of facilities worldwide

Our team

The founder : Pierre Gilson

An ingenious engineer

Pierre Gilson, engineer and inventor extraordinaire. His strong character led him to create his own metalworking company in 1959. Then he used his creativity and his love of work well done to satisfy a varied local clientele. He has given to the company its credo : well-designed, robust and reliable equipment, adapted to the customers. Listening to users and being inventive, he has created a number of innovative machines that have been copied over and over again.

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The next generation : Paul Gilson

A craftsman at the service of craftsmen

In 1990, after 20 years in the family business, Paul Gilson, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in locksmithing, succeeded Pierre. While perpetuating the values of the company, he decided to definitively orient GILSON Pierre et fils on the market of the artisanal production of fruit juices. Just as creative as his father, he will never stop innovating and modifying pasteurizers in order to bring more and more comfort, simplicity and yield to customers.

Vats of juice are left to ferment, creating a financial loss? He then had the audacious idea of developing a bio-reactor to acetify the fermented juice and produce real fruit vinegar. Spending hours to meet the challenge of this new machine, he has finally obtained a reliable, robust and profitable acetator for our customers.

Traveling the world with envy, he has made the quality of our products known on all five continents. For this, he was able to count on a small, versatile and experienced team to assist him. This is how our machines have become the references in artisanal pasteurization and acetization.

The New Generation : Philippe Robert

Multilingual engineer and entrepreneur

In 2021, Philippe ROBERT, took over the company in order to adapt it to the challenges of a world that is constantly changing. As a multilingual engineer, he intends to continue to develop innovative technical solutions for customers, to pursue the geographical expansion of the facilities around the world and to prepare his succession. As he says himself:

“Our history has been built on listening to our customers, providing reliable answers and offering quality products. We will always remain true to our values.”